Sadness and Emptiness.


P/s : For the time being, GM Yusri is so sad and empty inside…Β  ='(


~ by GM Yusri on March 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Sadness and Emptiness.”

  1. ang ke mana GM YUSRI weee.. lama ambo dok nampok demo..

    • Haha
      Sory qib, im bz aroud wit my study
      Huhu~ πŸ˜›

      Mybe dis May n above i’l start blogging vigorously again
      Is that ok?

  2. Another year has come and gone
    So many lessons were there to learn
    And some of them I may have missed,
    And here another year comes anew.

    Though I may cry for some guiding hand
    To lead me out of the hindering pit,
    Indeed I know I must stretch my hand
    Out of the pit if I must get some help

    Exhausted and crushed I may be now
    Defeated and beaten down to earth
    But only I can pick me up
    To start again to make new strides

    And in this fleeting days of illusion
    I must stand for myself to live
    And though I may have failed before
    I will try some more, again and again,

    To learn to overcome the lower self
    And passions of the mind in life
    Of anger, lust and vanity,
    Of attachment and even greed,

    With those true virtues of the mind
    Of patience, and right sense to choose
    Of humility, and detachment too,
    Of contentment, the state of being

    Though the path be strewn with thorns
    And may be slippery at best at times
    My Inner Guidance I still will trust
    As I cry me a new beginning,

    The Light of God will shine my way
    The Sound of God will lead my path
    Through the valley and shadow ways
    I shall emerge again a better I.

  3. asalnya sy keboringan xtaw nk wat pe..
    may this poem makes u feel better.. πŸ™‚

  4. kawe ok jahhsss;)

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